Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Dental Facilities

Periodontic, Orthodontic and Other Specialties

Do you think that temps are not for you because you are a specialty office? RDH Temps, Inc. tracks each temp's experience with specialty practices. Our computer system is able to limit candidates for your job to only those who have experience working in your requested specialty, including endodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics, pedodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics and more!


RDH Temps does not charge a cancellation fee if the day is canceled before the temp arrives, nor do we have a minimum number of hours beyond what is required by state law. However, if the day was not canceled in advance and a temp arrives who is not needed, the temp will be paid in compliance with state laws: CT: 1 hour, MA: 3 hours at minimum wage, NH: 2 hours, RI: 3 hours. Your bill will be only for the temp's pay plus the direct payroll expense and management fee percentages. On occasion a dental facility may have a last-minute patient cancellation while a temp is onsite, causing the temp to be idle. Please remember that labor law requires that the temp be paid for this time, unless they are sent home early or the time can be used for the temp's lunch break. You may also use the time to have the temp help out in other ways.

Love that Temp?

Often a temporary will come into your office and there will be a nice match. You may want to have them back for other openings you know you have coming up. If the temp is still in your office and is able to make the commitment for the day(s) you need, call RDH Temps, Inc. while you are together so we can verify everything with both of you at that time. We do need to speak to both parties to be assured that communication on all sides is accurate. If the temp is not in your office at the time, please call RDH Temps to request the dates and times along with the name(s) of who you would like. We ask you not to call the temps directly. If the temp works out well, and you are interested in hiring that person as your employee, please call our office to firm up the terms and arrangements.

How to Have a Successful Experience with Temporary Personnel

Although there are important differences between temporary employees and regular employees, certain practices make good business sense with any employee. Every temporary employee, whether hired for the day, a week or indefinitely, should receive the following
  • An orientation to the work environment: Let temporary employers know what's expected of them and what they can expect from the job and the company. Take the time to answer questions they may have and introduce them to employees they may work with.
  • Give temporary employees the resources they need to be productive: This includes equipment as well as access to people they might deal with during their assignment.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate: Check in regularly with long-term temporaries to make sure they understand the assignment and are not having any problems.
  • Praise temporary employees for good work. A pat on the back for a job well done goes a long way with any employee.
  • Treat temporary employees with respect and include them as part of the team as much as possible. Let them know that their performance affects the big picture.
Reproduced from HR Magazine, Alexandria, VA April 1997

Keeping it straight

Remember that once you have been introduced to a temp through RDH Temps, Inc., either from temping in the office or by us forwarding their resume, they may only return to work in your office through RDH Temps' temporary or permanent placement services. This condition is in effect for one year following your last interaction with the temp and applies to both working through another placement agency and working directly for the dental office

Working Interviews

Often, we find that our clients prefer to have a prospective permanent employee work in the office on a trial basis for day or two. This gives the Doctor and the office a feel both for how that person will fulfil their responsibilities in the office and how they fit in with the rest of the staff. Remember, if someone works for you and is under your direction, they must be treated as an employee - even for just a few hours. RDH Temps can be the employer of record for working interviews, regardless of whether the candidate was referred by us or is someone you found on your own. Having RDH Temps be the employer of record simplifies paperwork and mitigates any risk of unemployment or wrongful termination claims.

To schedule a working interview, just let one of your Permanent Placement Coordinators know the date(s) and we will set it up. We will put the day in our schedule and handle it just as we would a regular temp position. The candidate will bring a time slip for you to sign, we will process the pay check and you will be billed at our usual daily rate. Afterword, if you've found the right match with a candidate RDH Temps referred, the permanent placement can be finalized.