Permanent Placements

What to expect when you open a search for a new employee for your office:

We will interview you about all of the various aspects of your job opening so we can create a permanent placement posting. The posting will detail job responsibilities, hours, pay, benefits and the specific skills, specialty experience, additional credentials and/or software you seek.

A guidelines letter to confirm your posting will be sent for your signature. The letter will include the posting details and our terms. As soon as the guidelines are signed and returned the search will begin.

Searching for an ideal candidate begins with dental professionals already registered with RDH Temps who are seeking a permanent position. We will also begin recruiting for your position using numerous methods (unless your job search is confidential.)

We will discuss the details of your opening with each candidate we identify as a potential match. If they are interested, we'll forward their resume to you. If the resume is of interest, arrange an interview with the candidate directly. Either way, please let RDH Temps know the current status of each candidate.

After your initial meeting with a candidate you may wish to schedule a working interview to evaluate their technical skills. This must be arranged through RDH Temps as a temp day due to employment law.

RDH Temps is due a one-time finder's fee if you decide to go ahead with the hire of a candidate we referred to you via resume, phone, introduction or temping. The fee is $550 times the number of days per week the employee will be scheduled to work. For example, if the individual will be working Tuesdays and Thursdays our one-time fee would be $1,100.

Temp-to-perm arrangements can also be made.