Rates for Temporary Staffing Services

Your bill is calculated as the base pay rate times hours worked (or base daily rate) plus 24% for pass-through direct costs. Our management fee is 25% of this total. Sales tax applies in Connecticut. The base pay rate is determined by you, but RDH Temps can suggest a rate based on prevailing wages in your area. Once the temp day services begin the rate cannot be changed. The 24% direct payroll costs include taxes, paid time off/sick leave, employee insurance and payroll processing. When the temp is a dentist and is paid by the facility, the referral fee is $100 a day ($75 for a half day.) Overtime is billed according to state law. Except when there is a day rate, any hours considered overtime by the state will be billed at the agreed-upon pay rate times 1.5, plus the direct payroll costs and management fee.

Rates for Permanent Placement

A finder's fee of $550 ($1500 for a dentist) times the number of days per week the employee will be scheduled to work is due when you hire an individual referred to you by RDH Temps, Inc. through resume, phone, introduction or temping, For a day of four hours or less or an every other week situation the finder's fee is reduced to $475 ($1250 for a dentist.) Extra days added in the first 6 months are subject to the above fees. If the placement fails to last, we'll rebate a portion of the permanent placement fee on the following schedule: 75% if the placement ends within the first 30 days, 50% within 60 days, and 25% within 90.

Conversion Fees (Hiring a Temp)

The finder's fee for permanent placement is due any time you hire an individual referred to you by RDH Temps, through resume, phone, introduction or temping. This condition applies for a period of one year after the last date our employee has worked or had contact with your office and applies to working for your facility directly or via another staffing agency (Article 5, Agency/ Client Agreement.)


The temp-to-perm trial period will begin on a date formally agreed to by you, the candidate and RDH Temps. The trial period is not retroactive. The finder's fee is waived after 8 weeks of temping for hygienists and 12 weeks for assistants or administrative personnel. If the match doesn't work out during the trial period, only the normal temp fees for the days worked will be billed.