Getting Paid

Use your smartphone to submit your time slip! Any days worked with outstanding time slips are shown in My Account. Just enter your hours and snap a clear, readable picture of the entire signed time slip. What could be easier?

  1. The pay week runs from Monday to Saturday. The time slip for any given week is due at the office by 8:00 a.m. on the Tuesday following the work week to ensure your check is mailed or direct deposit is processed on Thursday.
  2. Use the correct form to submit your hours. You can download a time slip here or RDH Temps can fax one to the office where you are. The only acceptable substitute is on official letterhead from the facility.
  3. Fill out the time slip completely, sign it and make sure an authorized person at the facility verifies the hours entered and signs the slip as well. Leave a copy of the signed time slip at the office and keep a copy for your records. Disputes over hours can cause delays, hard feelings and possible adjustments in future checks.
  4. Use a separate time slip for each office and each work week.
  5. Notify RDH Temps, Inc. of all days worked at each facility in advance, as days not in the schedule will have to be reconfirmed before pay can be issued. If you are at an office and they request future dates, you can accept them provided you notify RDH Temps, Inc. at that time.
  6. It is very important that you notify us of any changes in your name, address, or phone numbers. We must also be notified of any change in marital status or exemptions for tax withholding. When your check arrives, please look it over to confirm the accuracy of this information and your social security number.
  7. If RDH Temps, Inc. has to replace your original paycheck, we will ask you to wait for two weeks to see if the check is returned or forwarded to you and the $10.00 charge by the payroll company will be deducted from the replacement check.
  8. The fastest and safest way to receive your pay from RDH Temps, Inc. is to have your funds direct deposited into your checking or savings account. A confirmation is sent each time you are paid. Download a direct deposit form here.
  9. It is preferred that you submit your time slip from the My Account section of the website. There, you can snap a photo with your smartphone or upload a scan. Time slips may also be emailed to: as a scan or photo, faxed to 877-RDH-TEMP (734-8367) or mailed to: PO Box 2056, Dennis, MA 02638.
  10. If your email is on file with us, an automated confirmation will be sent when your time slip is approved for payment. Please allow up to 24 hours for processing, excluding weekends. If you did not get a confirmation email, please call the time slip verification line (option #3 at our main number, 800-462-8367.) Leave your name, the date worked, the facility name and a number where you can be reached during the day. If your slip did not arrive we will call you back. It is your responsibility to ensure the time slips arrive.