Policies and Procedures

Guidelines for Returning to an Office

Come Again?

It is not uncommon for an office to ask you to come back for future days when you are temping in their office. If you are able to make a commitment for specific days while you are there simply pick up the phone and give RDH Temps, Inc. a call. We will gladly put the booking right into our schedule. All confirming can be done at one time. If you are not able to make a definite commitment or the days needed are unspecific, please do the booking through RDH Temps, Inc. Do not give the offices your personal number. We will always contact you immediately if a facility specifically requests you. Remember, if we receive a time slip for a day that we did not have in our schedule, we must reconfirm with the facility before pay can be issued.

Your Contractual Obligations

Your agreement with RDH Temps, Inc. states that you may not work in that office unless it is through RDH Temps, Inc. temporary or permanent placement services. This condition is in effect for one year from your last interaction with the office, be it a temp day or when your resume was sent*. Without the protection of this agreement, RDH Temps, Inc. would not be able to operate to serve dental personnel seeking employment. As always, if a temporary placement is a good match for a permanent position, call the RDH Temps, Inc. office to let us know. We love these surprises. It's great to see a good match come together!
*Article 5, Employment Agreement

Honoring your Commitment

Once you have accepted a specific assignment we confirm that commitment to the doctor. Therefore, once you have accepted an assignment, you have made a commitment to RDH Temps, Inc. and the facility. We will always try to honor a request to replace you, but if we cannot get anyone else, you are obligated to honor your commitment. When a temp fails to go to their assignment it inconveniences patients, costs the dental facility money, and damages your reputation and ours.

Getting to Work

It's your responsibility to get directions to an office and allow sufficient time to arrive in a timely manner. Your day will be much more pleasant if you have ample time to set up. Call the office for directions, check with your local public transit authority or look at an online map website to determine the best way to get there and how long it will take. If you are driving, be sure you know where to park in advance. It's a good idea to check the the traffic report long before you leave!

Fashion Alert!

It is certainly appropriate to arrive at the office in neat street clothes as long as you bring along "work clothes" (such as scrubs or white pants and lab coats) and, of course, allowing yourself time to change before the first patient is due. This is in compliance with OSHA regulations, which are for your protection.

How to be O.S.H.A. Ready

1. Provide documentation to include hepatitis B vaccination records, postexposure evaluation forms and training certificate (less than 12 mos.)
2. Before starting work, know the location of personal protective equipment (PPE), biohazardous waste container, sharps containers, location of OSHA safety poster and hazardous material ID chart, material safety data sheets (MSDS), first aid kit, mercury and blood spill kits, eyewash station, fire extinguishers and the identity of the safety program coordinator.
3. Understand the facility's procedure for decontamination and sterilization
4. Ask about the facility's methods for handling potentially infectious materials and regulated waste
5. Know the facility's evacuation plan
6. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment to include lab coats, exam gloves, safety glasses, masks and utility gloves.
7. Be prepared to provide your own PPE (lab coats and safety glasses/face shields) and be sure they are comfortable for you.
8. If you have used your own lab coat, transport it and launder it according to OSHA regulations
9. Know the facility's work related injury protocol.

Professionalism on the Job

When you take an assignment with RDH Temps, Inc. you are representing not only yourself but also RDH Temps and your profession. Our reputation as a company is in your hands. We expect that you will arrive on time and prepared and that you will present yourself in a way that honors your profession. Be pleasant and friendly, but not overly chatty and certainly not gossipy. Do your work efficiently yet thoroughly. Be focused on your work.

Treat the doctor and other facility personnel with respect, especially when you are in the presence of a patient. If you have a question, we encourage you to ask, however try to be discreet if you are with a patient. Should you have any kind of problem with the dental facility or the doctor, please call RDH Temps and let us know. Do not share negative opinions with the facility or its patients.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell phones certainly make it easier for us all to keep in touch with each other, BUT when arriving at work, cell phones should be turned off or placed in silent mode. Lunch break is the only time it acceptable time to text, check messages or return calls. Patients come first and deserve your undivided attention during their appointments. Personal calls should only be made in the event of a true emergency during your working hours.