Frequently Asked Questions about Job Alerts

RDH Temps is excited to announce new options for notifying you of jobs -Email, Text and Website Job Alerts! As the most technologically advanced dental staffing agency we are able to text and/or email staff that are signed up for job alerts and post the job to the appropriate section of our website. This technology allows us to notify those who choose email and/or text alerts of job opportunities, both temporary and permanent, in minutes!

How do I sign up? If you are registered with RDH Temps, you may sign up to receive text alerts and/or email job alerts here. You may also sign up by calling our office at 800-462-8367.

Can I sign up for both types of alerts? Yes! You may unsubscribe or change your preferences at any time by calling the office at 800-462-8367 or by sending us a message here

Will I be "spammed" with jobs that don't apply to me? No! Our sophisticated, proprietary software will only send you alerts for those jobs that you are likely to match .

Will you still call me when jobs come in? Yes! We will still call you to see if you are available when we have a job that is a potential match, however, we may send out alerts prior to calling. Remember, jobs come and go quickly so remember to call and let us know if you are looking for work so we can give you priority.

During what hours will I receive job alerts? RDH Temps staff will send job alerts during our normal business hours; Monday through Thursday 7:00am - 9:00pm and Friday 7:00am - 5:30pm. Alerts may also be sent on weekends, as needed, but not before 7:00am or after 9:00pm.

Will I be able to book jobs by replying to the email or text? No, at this time all jobs must be booked by telephone with one of our Personnel Coordinators. Please call 800-462-8367(TEMP) to book work or inquire about a job. Replies by email or text will not be processed, nor can jobs be booked this way.

How can I find out about jobs in a timely manner if I am not enrolled in job alerts? Many of RDH Temps' jobs, both temporary and permanent, are listed on our website. There will also be a "Last Minute Ticker" scrolling on the front page when there are last-minute things that have alerts out. Clicking the ticker will bring you to the temp job listings.

I follow RDH Temps on twitter. Will job "tweets" still be sent? Yes. All temporary jobs that are posted to RDH Temps website are also sent as "tweets". It may take up to a half hour for the "tweet" to be sent.

Will job alerts be used to notify me about new permanent job listings? Yes. If you are signed up for email and/or text alerts and are currently on RDH Temps permanent placement list you will receive job alerts about new postings.