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RDH Temp Employees Earn Paid Time Off

  • For every 30 hours you work you will earn 1 hour of paid time off (PTO). Submit your email below to have your PTO balance emailed or call the RDH Temps office.

  • You may earn up to 40 hours paid time off in a calendar year. Up to 40 hours of paid time off may be carried into the next year.

  • Hours start accruing the first time you work or July 1st, 2015, whichever is later.

  • You may request paid time off after you have been an employee of RDH Temps for 90 days by going to the Paid Time Off Request page on our website or by calling the office. You may not use more PTO than you have accrued.

  • Paid time off may be used for any reason: personal leave or sick leave for the purpose of doctor's appointments or caring for yourself or a family member due to illness.

  • We encourage you to take paid time off on days you are not scheduled to work. Whenever possible, please put in your request for leave as far in advance as you can.

  • If you have committed to an assignment and are unable to honor your commitment due to illness, you must continue to call RDH Temps as soon as possible.

  • When using paid time off, the rate of pay is your average hourly wage from the prior pay period.

  • The maximum number of hours of paid time off you may use on a single day is 8.

  • If you do not work as an RDH Temps employee for 12 months your paid time off will be reset to zero.

This policy is in compliance with Massachusetts "Title 940 C.M.R. 33.00 Earned Sick Time" and "Connecticut GeneralStatute 31-57r - Paid Sick Leave"

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